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Classic Collector Grade Finish “MX25” The Exact HK Black and Professional Series “SP1000 Coating System
team up to give you simply the Best Finish System available. The RDTS "Tri-Coat Finish System" takes your weapon refinishing needs seriously whether your in law enforcement, the military or a collector. And your weapon gets our "do it like its our own" commitment to quality to insure a Premium Finish for harsh operational environments or lounging in your safe!
Available in state of the art proprietary colors, h
arsh environment molly, camo and self-lubricating coating systems this page details RDTS weapons coatings, refinishing process and the unique properties and applications of these coatings. When RDTS refinishes your weapon it is actually a coating system which can depending on your application consist of several different formulas. We have worked hard and developed our coatings over a period in excess of 25 years. There are hundreds of coatings, molly based or otherwise available and as in having a pro paint your muscle car or street rod there is much more to it than buying a gallon of paint and running an add. Our clients benefit from years of our experience and their input over that time. We insure you get the right formulation, preparation and proper thermal times for a durable and
beautiful coating.

Our Tri-Coat Finishing system takes "MX25", "SP1000" and "SL450" and combines them into one of the most durable and beautiful finish systems for your firearm! After proper preparation as described our technicians apply corrosion resistant, heat dissipating base coat of "SP1000" then in our proprietary method "MX25" is applied for that Collector Grade HK Black that looks exactly the way a HK fresh from Germany should! We don't stop there as now its time to turn our attention to your firearms interior. Of course the inside of your receiver was meticulously stripped to bare metal like the exterior so we can apply our third part of the "Tri-Coat System". Now our techs use a special air brush to lay down the "SL450" Self Lubrication finish to the interior of the receiver, bolt carrier, cocking support etc. which gives you a virtually self lubricating, corrosion free, easy to maintain interior. Then after a final inspection your firearm and parts are moved to our oven for a pre determined time depending on application to be thermally set. Then we remove the firearm from the oven and inspect it again before final assembly. We will go thru the whole process again if its not to our standards. We do this so you our customer receives a finish on your firearm that will exceed your expectations. If you receive your weapon and there is something you have an issue with, call us. Your satisfaction and repeat business is our goal! OK now the best part, other than the required bore maintenance your firearm can be cleaned with a spray of WD40 and an air hose! Carbon and firing residue in the interior is easy to remove due to "SL450" slick nature. We use a form of the "SL450/SP1000" Molly system on our RDTS HK MP5SD Suppressors for a suppressor that kept dry requires no maintenance as carbon won't readily stick to it and every time the weapon is fired the carbon is knocked off the baffle and blown out of the suppressor!

If you have an HK clone such as the G3S (Portuguese) or the SAR-8 (Greek) and want the true HK black “MX25” will make your weapon indistinguishable from the West German model. This is the HK finish for you, especially if you've already sent it elsewhere and were sorely disappointed in the finish and workmanship as some customers have. Or get ahead of the game and send it to RDTS first……..!Note: “MX25” is also used on the exterior of suppressors manufactured by RDTS.. . also the heat generated by G3's on the barrel area have not affected this coating.

Available in Black or Camo Patterns and will dissipate heat not trap it like many current systems.
Our extreme duty finish is almost identical as our "Tri-Coat System" except we do not use "MX25" and stick to a 100 percent Molly Formulation. It is similar in appearance to factory HK but slightly off in regard to a little bit more sheen, not much but enough that when placed next to a factory HK you can tell. The advantage is our "SP1000/SL450" system can withstand immersion in MEK, Acetone etc with no effect on it. You probably wouldn't do that to your firearm but it also means that you could subject it to continued salt water exposure as in underwater operations or dry sandy environments' with confidence and better longevity. The only interior tougher is our "NiSi" which is actually not a coating but a plating and is not near as corrosion resistant.

The first crucial step in successful weapon refinishing is the preparation of the surface to accept the coating and insure adhesion of the material. RDTS's armorers expertly strip your weapon down and store all components in its own storage cubicle to insure what you gave them is what you get back. The weapon is degreased then placed in a shop oven to bake out any grease or solvents that may be in crevices in preparation of going into the bead blasting cabinet. The surface is then stripped to the metal by aluminum oxide with special attention to markings on the weapon. This procedure prepares the material to form a bonding surface for our proprietary coating systems. Again your markings, serial numbers etc. are also undamaged and as they were prior to the surface preparation!

RDTS offers the ultimate in weapon protection for Law Enforcement, Military and the Individual who wants the very best! Our coating systems were initially conceived for those whose lives depend on their weapons, primarily select fire machineguns, which take more of a beating than your standard arm. We regularly apply our coating systems to machineguns and suppressors for Class II Manufacturers and Class III Dealers. The same coatings are used in the manufacture of our state of the art suppressors from 22lr up to belt fed machine-guns that can endure 900 + rates of fire in military caliber's such as 7.62x51 (308)! The above is noted to assure you that these finishes and coatings can handle it, whether its a machinegun, suppressor or your standard semi-auto pistol or rifle!

There are many coatings that are used in combinations depending on your application and operational needs. Some of the coating designations are as follows “MX25“and “SP1000” which are used in exterior weapon application because of their superior durability. Our formulation “SL450” is used primarily internally when higher lubricity levels are needed or environments where oil may attract dirt and sand. Keep in mind when oil is used your friction level goes down much more than oil alone so your rate of fire in automatic weapons may actually go up! Coating properties and variations are explained below, please read each section in full to understand the unique abilities of each material. All of our Coating Systems are Thermally set for the ultimate in durability! Also all our coatings will withstand CRYO treatment!

RDTS Classic Collector Grade Finish

"MX25" This finish is primarily used by RDTS in our refinishing of HK Machineguns and Semi-Autos. Its a perfect match in color to the black that is currently used on HK's (Heckler & Koch) manufactured in West German and imported by HK America. “MX25” is applied by airbrush on the properly prepared surface to a specified thickness then care-fully moved to a shop oven to thermally set.
Note: “MX25” is not an epoxy paint, we have used them and found them to go on too thick and sometimes obscure markings and affect tolerances. This finish is more durable than the original HK finish and “MX25” is not affected by gun solvents, oil, even MEK or trichloroethylene wont affect it during cleaning of weapon and it looks fantastic. After RDTS finishes your weapon with CANNOT TELL IT FROM A FACTORY NEW GUN! Matter of fact it looks better!

Available in our proprietary colors.
HK Black ..Perfect for HK’s, UZI’s, AK’s and AUG’s any weapon that needs a harsh environment durable Black. CAMO in 3 COLORS (OD Green, Dark Tan and Black). We love this camo...our personal carry 45 and 9mm pistols are done in this finish. We have also refinished Swedish K’s, UZI’s, HK51/53 and SP89 Stretch’s….well you get the picture. Look for some camo pics in this catalog! “SP1000” Far surpasses any type of bluing, Teflon, Z-Coat, Parkerizing or virtually any finish available today! This is a super coating originally developed for the U.S. Government for use on weapons that would be carried by underwater demolition teams (SEAL). The government contract called for a coating that could be applied to M-16's and would prevent corrosion, be abrasion resistant and self lubricating at a level to meet the automatic weapon dry firing requirements after immersion in sea water!

"SP1000/SL450" Specs

The range of temperatures that “SP1000” can tolerate is simply amazing!
+500 degrees F 1000 Hrs minimum
-350 degrees F 1000 Hrs minimum
Thermal breakaway @1000 degrees F Minimum


The chemical resistance of “SP1000” is as unbelievable!
1000 hours salt spray at 5%
Unaffected after 24 hr. immersion in Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Lube oil, Hydraulic fluid, Epoxy paint remover, trichloroethylene, hydrochloric acid and more!


The non-sealing aspect of ”SPlOOO” makes it ideal for weapons as it causes heat to dissipate 10% faster than bare metal. This heat transfer ability really helps on exterior of suppressors!


Our thin film coating has an aprox. Film thickness of .0004 and will give your weapon the protection it needs against abrasion and it wont easily wear off like Parkerizing, oxide finishes or bluing. Its miles ahead of regular paint and won’t attract dust, dirt or sand.


“SP1000” is a very hard coating that is also UV resistant...contrary to what you’ve heard or read a lot of these Moly coatings are not resistant to UV rays and must be in a closed environment. Of course you wouldn't know till years later if your new Moly finish would hold up...and that high volume outfit that just discovered these finishes probably doesn’t know either! Again experience has its benefits.

RDTS can apply "SP1000" to any type of metal, alloy steel, aluminum, nickel or chrome plate, titanium etc
. “SP1000" is the superior finish for those beyond belief environments i.e. Sea going vessels, Extreme Cold as in Alaska, Sand like what was experienced in the Persian Gulf, Police weapons in vehicle racks etc.



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