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RDTS is a family owned and operated Class II NFA Manufacturer. If you had your weapon worked on 25 years ago and called us about it now you would be talking to the same personnel who worked on it and we could check and tell you exactly what work was done….this also applies for the buyer of a weapon we had worked on for a previous owner. Generally our 5 year warranty on workmanship can apply to them too!!! You don’t have to wonder or be blown off because some former employee worked on your weapon. We at RDTS have to believe that continued experience has to count for something! We did not have a set of machinist drawings handed to us a few years ago...We’re the ones who drew them up! Some guys don't  have a clue when you call about the gun you bought that was built by “The Company“, because he’s only been there a few years, then insults you because you expect it to function like factory!

Hi! My name is Ralph Smith and I started this business back in 1981as a small gun shop in Cave Creek, AZ. Assault rifles like the HK Series, Armalite AR18's and of course belt feds were my passion. Almost immediately I couldn't resist and progressed into upgrading, improving and machining parts for these guns. Became a Class 3 in '83 then a year later felt Class 2 was the way to go! The guy I really need to thank is Val Cooper of E&L Manufacturing who at the time was living in Cave Creek. He showed me that you you could actually make a living in this business! Val gave us tables to display our wares at shows such as "The Great Western" and "SOF". What a time to love machineguns. We sold complete Full-Auto HK94's with registered groups for under $1000. Even after Black Monday "86 sears and packs were under $450! At our Home/Shop we would have MG shoots with enough MG's to cover three 8 foot tables. And this was just because we would get together maybe 4or 5 guys and their families. Shoot MG's, Barbeque and afterwards have a cold one!

Anyhow this is how our kids were raised and the benefit to you is they now work in the shop with more experience than most. My son Ralph Jr. is now 26 and can strip a 3 shot/Burst group in the dark. He welds and machines almost as good as the old man. Don't want to puff up his head to much. Other days he's applying that beautiful HK Black to your MP5SD Upgrade. Nathan who turned 23 a while back is a master finisher, some of our clients specify that he is the one they want to apply that awesome Camo or Urban finish. He wants me to put up a video of him dumping a couple of hundred rounds of 308 out of a HK21EUG just to show that a 140 lbs can hold down the fire just fine! So when  our clients ask who will work on their prized possession when I decide to kick back I point to the boys. But don't worry I'll always be there working on your guns and thinking of new ways to make them better! Even my daughters ages 34, 32 and 24 have done their time in the shop before getting married and moving on. Hey that still leaves me with Hannah 19 who has other interests and Micah who's 13 and helps out but wants to know when he can do more! And of course there's my wife Patty who puts up with 8" barreled 308's going off below her sewing room window. She's heard me yell "Fire in the Hole !!" more times than she cares to remember. And of course I need someone to Film on occasion. Oh yeah, she puts up with work brought in from the shop to the kitchen table. Imagine your Oak kitchen table with about 10 guns complete with bipods!

OUR DAY AND NIGHT JOB TOO! When you have RDTS work on your weapon it means something...like quality, consistency, stability. We do your weapon or component upgrades like its ours! We are RDTS and we can’t quit and only our customers can fire us! This is our day job and more evenings than not its our night job. So far this equals over 26 years of working on primarily HK’s and refinishing everything from AR‘s to UZI's!

That's a real world 25 plus years in the business of working on the prize possessions of people like you , we have always had a FIVE YEAR WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY that you'll will probably never use. A dealer out there posted on the web not to bitch about your problem 6 years later. With RDTS you don’t have to bitch even after 6 years, call us we're the ones who did the work and we want to know about our customers concerns, new and old. So if you have a problem with work we did call and tell us and we will do absolutely everything in our power to make it right! We marvel at the guy who gets on the Web Forums and flames a business without having called them to give them the opportunity to make it right. If at that time the business could not remedy a problem that they were at fault by all means state your case! We at RDTS are always looking for ways to improve what we do, and you are our means to that end.   

We are not investors and we probably can’t buy up all the sears left, but we can do professional grade work on your weapon that will look absolutely beautiful when you pull it out of your safe to show or endure the harshest treatment from a SEAL team! This is what we do and we depend on our customers loyalty and their referrals for our livelihood. So we invite you to talk to us personally about your needs and concerns about work on your prized possession...your weapon. Give us a call and we’ll do our best to develop another loyal customer!  

How many manufactures have you called that actually real world test fire, ask you'll be surprised!
We at RDTS always test fire weapons that have had major upgrades. We film these and if you tell us ahead of time we can provide you with the video tape at a nominal charge. Heck we've had clients call about their weapons performance and we've put the phone by the weapon and ripped through a clip!!! If a client calls us and says the weapon has a problem and we know for a fact it worked here most of the time the problem is elsewhere, usually in the setup of the registered sear and bolt carrier. If you had sent them with the weapon we would have already pointed it out. This is were a manufacturer that will talk you through even after the moneys made is priceless! We won' make you feel like your wasting our time. So keep this in mind when you think our telephone is a little fuzzy, its because were out in the weeds a little more than most and it seems to affect the communications. 

Final Testing is performed on your weapon after it is carefully reassembled  and  checked  for tolerances and oiled. Your weapon is given a basic sighting in and then test fired. On the machineguns we then do some full-auto testing to insure function. If requested we can also test with a factory sample group. This is to weed out function problems that may occur with an improperly done registered sear group...which is more common than people realize. If there is a problem with the your group we can bring it to factory spec if you desire. This is done on every weapon to insure factory  reliability  and  positive function.
RDTS goes the extra mile to insure you will not need to use the 5 year  warranty  given  on  our workmanship!

Give us a call or email and let us in on your next project!! That's what makes our day!

Revised July 2006



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