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100 Round Belt Box on HK21 with 14" brl.transparent.png
00 Round Belt Box!! We never did enjoy adapters and that was the only way you could use a Belt Box, not to mention on top of the $150 or so for the adapter you had to shell out $400-$500 for the 21E Box! We are HK enthusiast so what could we do? We designed a box that is almost identical to the factory, but why leave things alone. Instead of the wire closure device on the factory box, which if you've ever used it is a pig to completely open it , we designed an easy to use button assembly which is instant open and close. Also we designed the top piece which fastens the box to the weapon and clicks on with a simple HK pushbutton and NO ADAPTERS! This piece works so well we are patent pending so all our work does not get knocked off. But don't worry we priced these Belt Boxes to sell! Our receiver box area that we use to make your factory perfect HK21 is already slotted for the belt box. We have taken HK21 registered receiver guns worth $14,000 and slotted them to take the box. Its unobtrusive and consists of 4 small 1/8" cuts at the base of the receiver box well. What would you rather have? A factory appearing Belt Box with NO ADAPTERS or dangle an adapter underneath that causes your box to hang lower (causes excess torque and wear while your gun is pumping out 950 rpm) and at the very least needs to be removes when you have to pick out that pesky last link that always slips under when you slide your feed tray out for loading. Also if you plan on using the bottom loading mag adapter you'll have an extra piece to get out of the way! As a side note we are manufacturing a duplicate of the mag adapter that loads into the side like the feed tray, you wont need any holes drilled on the bottom of  the mag well.





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